TLEMsafe showcase movie

This film showcases the goal and results achieved by TLEMsafe project. The film shows the case of a patient who needs to undergo a major orthopaedic intervention, including the placement of a large prosthesis.

TLEMsafe project, "Twente Lower Extremity Model for safe and predictable musculoskeletal surgery", aims to develop a patient-specific surgical navigation system. This system allows the surgeon to pre-plan and simulate the outcome of an extensive orthopaedic intervention. In addition, the navigation part of the system can be used to help the surgeon during complex musculoskeletal operations.

TLEMsafe is a European project, coordinated by University of Twente, and involving Radboud University Medical Center, Warsaw University of Technology, Brainlab, Materialise and AnyBody Technology. TLEMsafe project is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union.




Surgery Planning Environment 3D - SPE3D: a virtualy reality surgery planning environment




Webcast 5th March 2013 - TLEMsafe: An integrated system to improve predictability of functional recovery of patients requiring musculoskeletal surgery

Started in 2010, TLEMsafe aims to create a patient-specific surgical navigation system, based on innovative ICT tools, for training, pre-operative planning and execution of complex musculo-skeletal surgery. The project utilizes and further develops the Twente Lower Extremity Model (TLEM), a recently developed musculo-skeletal computer model, to represent the patient-specific situation. The next step is to allow the surgeon to virtually operate on the patient-specific model, after which the model can predict the functional effect of this intervention. In this way, the surgeon can test various surgical scenarios before actually operating. Once the optimal surgical plan is selected, the plan is fed into a computer assisted navigation system that allows the surgeon to reproduce the selected surgical plan for his patient during the actual surgery.

Speaker: Prof. dr. Nico Verdonschot, TLEMsafe Project Coordinator, University of Twente, The Netherlands.


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