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AnyBody Technology A/S develops and markets the unique software the AnyBody Modeling System™ and offers consultancy, training and technical support in relation to this.

The AnyBody Modeling System™ is a breakthrough invention for simulating man-machine or other man-environment interaction and how it affects the human body. It gives users the ability to determine muscle and joint forces and other biomechanical aspects of the body’s interaction with its environment.

The AnyBody Modeling System™ is an open system where the user can build his own models, or the user can draw model resources from a repository comprising a vast amount of models, and an entire body model totalling more than 900 individual muscles (see for more information).

The key markets for the products and services of AnyBody Technology are the global orthopaedics, automotive, and sports industries. Users of the AnyBody Modeling System™ are mainly involved in R&D activities in the industries or university research.

Distribution and support are either handled directly by AnyBody Technology in Denmark, or by a global network of distributors.

Role in the project

AnyBody Technology will head the implementation of musculoskeletal simulation in surgical planning with the aim of allowing surgeons to make informed decisions on the functional consequences of prospective anatomical modifications. ABT is member of the Project Management Team.


AnyBody Technology is world-leading in the field of musculoskeletal simulation. The company is a commercial spin-out of world leading research in the field of Biomechanics from Aalborg University. All employees have a master and more than 50% of the employees hold PhD degrees in mechanical or biomedical engineering and typically have on-going research activities. The company works closely together with the AnyBody Research Group at Aalborg University.

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