Based on the prototype developed in Work Package 4, to couple the patient-specific TLEM model with a graphical interface. This allows the surgeon to ‘see’ his virtual patient performing a task and to assess the functional effects of his planned surgery.


Functional outcome evaluation tool

A prototype of a functional outcome evaluation tool (referred to as FOET) has been developed. This tool enables the surgeons to evaluate post-operative scenarios in multiple ways. The tool runs multiple analyses of the TLEM musculo-skeletal model, extracts and process data from it and presents the output in a surgeon friendly way. The tool is aimed at different level of usage: it has an overview page, which provides the most essential information ordered and condensed, aimed at decision making, and it has also a number of views with far more detailed information aimed at improving surgical plans for which the outcome was not satisfactory.

The tool provides absolute data as well as relative data that compare the operated patient's performance with that pre-operatively and with a model of an assumed equivalent healthy person. At this stage, two models of activities of daily living (ADL) have been completed and built into the tool. Future work will include adding more ADL models based on surgeon's recommendations.

Figure 1 - Screen dump from the functional evaluation tool.


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