TLEMsafe Project partners

TLEMsafe comprises one university medical centre (Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre), two universities (University of Twente and Warsaw University of Technology), two large industrial partners (Brainlab and Materialise) and one small-medium enterprise (AnyBody Technology).

TLEMsafe consortium has been designed to capitalize on project partner skills, complementarity, and opportunities for collaboration and technology transfer. The expertise of the multi-disciplinary partners covers a wide scientific and technological range, including complex musculo-skeletal surgery, modelling know-how, computer navigaton, medical imaging and virtual reality. The selection of partners ensures adequate vertical integration starting from basic science to clinical implementation.

This mix of world class research and academic institutes, together with highly focuded industrial partners, has been designed to enable the achievement of TLEMsafe goals. In order to achieve these objectives, five fields of expertise need to be merged:

  • Functional biomechanical modelling and assessment
  • Biological adaptation
  • Imaging techniques
  • Navigation for robotic systems
  • Interfacing software development

The partners represent the scientific, clinical and industry communities that are essential for delivering breakthroughs in these fields of expertise, involving intensive collaboration as has been detailed in the Work Description.

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