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The University of Twente is an entrepreneurial research university. It was founded in 1961 as a Technical University and offers education and research in areas ranging from technological to behavioural sciences. Relative young and successful areas include biomedical technology and technical medicine. The Research Institute for BioMedical Technology and Technical Medicine (BMT/TM) is leading in biomedical technology research within a range from biomechatronics to tissue engineering. It was established in order to increase research efforts regarding the integration of technology in medicine.

Role in the project

The MIRA (Institute for Biomedical Technology and and Technical Medicine) is the coordinating partner of the TLEMsafe project, and will be work package leader of the Project Management work package (WP 9). The Laboratory of Biomechanical Engineering (BW) will contribute to and lead several work packages with an emphasis on the subject specific modelling and adaptive capacity of patients. The UT is member of the Project Management Team.


The Biomechanical Engineering Group has extensively published in the areas of motor control and biomechanics of the human locomotor system and nonlinear dynamics and analysis. This resulted in several successful PhD defences. The track record is further evidenced by an extensive list of publications in high impact biomedical engineering journals. A strong connection with applied research in orthopaedics is established by the dual appointment of prof. Verdonschot in both the BME Group and the Department of Orthopaedics of the RUMC. In other ongoing projects a firm cooperation with several medical research groups provides added clinical feedback. The MIRA is experienced in coordinating large (European) projects (e.g. NeuralPRO (2000-2004), NEUROS2 (1996-2000) and ARNESCO (1993-1996)), and can fall back on well qualified staff.


Prof. dr. ir. N. (Nico) Verdonschot – Project Coordinator

Prof. dr. ir. H.F.J.M. (Bart) Koopman

MSc. V. (Vincenzo) Carbone – PhD student - Project Manager

Ir. R. (René) Fluit – PhD student

S. (Steven) Schurink - Master student

Dr. M.M. (Marjolein) van der Krogt – Former Project Manager

Ir. P. (Pim) Pellikaan - Former Researcher

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